1800-1929 in OED3 (coming soon)

This page is in preparation and scheduled to be updated in early 2020.

Meanwhile, Chart 19 below displays the total number of quotations over 1800-1929 recorded in OED Online (searched December 2018) in comparison with the equivalent totals for OED2, the latter data deriving from searches of the OED2 database before it was removed from public consultation in 2010. As always, users of OED Online must remember that this version of the Dictionary combines revised entries with unrevised entries; care should be taken in making inferences from the results.

Chart 19: Total quotations in OED1/2 & OED Online (Dec 2018) 1800-1929

The obvious comment here is that OED3’s new collection of quotations for the revision follows the original OED1 line with remarkable fidelity – including the post-1899 decline, although clearly attempts have been made to remedy this (more new quotations have been amassed for each post-1899 decade than for individual pre-1899 decades).

This pattern was early established: compare evidence recorded on our Archived site for comment on revision for this period up to 2007: OED3: 1500-1899; also this extract from Period coverage: 19th century (same date; in both cases, scroll down the page for relevant charts):

OED3‘s collection of nineteenth-century material
Perhaps surprisingly, the revision of the OED currently underway continues to amass many more quotations for this century than for its predecessors… While the revision is in general greatly expanding its citations of non-canonical literary sources …it is still recording many new quotations from hitherto well-covered authors. For example, over the alphabet range M-Pomak (i.e. the range revised by OED3 between March 2000 and September 2006), Dickens is quoted c. 1,460 times in OED3, up from c. 1,010 times in the equivalent stretch of OED2 (an increase of 45%).

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