Supplement staff 1974-6

Here are two further photos of Supplement staff (from the OED archives), in December 1974 and in 1976. Thanks to Tony Augarde and Alan Hughes for supplying names and information in both cases.

Left to right, back row: Marguerite Offord, Lesley Burnett (later editor of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary), Beta Cotmore. Middle row: Valerie Smith, Jean Buchanan (later Jean Harker), Deborah Cowen (later Deborah Honoré), Peggy Kay, Lister Matheson (later an editor of the Middle English Dictionary), R. E. (‘Bob’) Allen (later editor of the Concise and other Oxford dictionaries), Gillian Rathbone, Claire Nicholls, Juliet Field, Andrew Buxton, Frances Williams, Joyce Harley. Front row: William (‘Bill’) Waterfield, Veronica Salusbury, Adriana Orr, Tony Augarde, Robert Burchfield, Alan Hughes, Sandra Raphael, Geoffrey Hargreaves, Eric Dann.

This photo was taken to mark the publication of the second Supplement volume (covering letters G-N) in June 1976.

Left to right, back row: Eric Dann, John Sykes, Bill Trumble, Tony Augarde, Nicholas Wedd, Jean Buchanan (later Jean Harker), Edith Rogerson (later Edith Bonner), Bob Allen, Alan Hughes, Robert Burchfield. Front row: Joan Pusey, Sandra Raphael, Rosemary Sansome, Lesley Burnett.

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