Seward’s postdatings

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Postdatings in Seward’s poetry at present unrecorded in OED: Seward Table 3

WordQuotationOED datesDate of textPostdates OED record (years)Comments
unerring, ppl. adj.'What time great GLENDOUR…Wing'd his unerring shaft, and edg'd his victor sword' (Llangollen Vale, With Other Poems, p. 1)1621, 1712, c1743179652OED1/2: '3. Not going astray from the intended mark; certain, sure: a. Of missiles or other weapons.' Like the next entry, Seward's usage could be easily postdated further.
congealing, ppl. adj.'Not for himself starts the impassion'd tear, / Congealing as it falls' (Elegy on Captain Cook, p. 7)1599, a1652, 1750178030(See above.)

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