1930 onwards in OED3 (coming soon)

This page is in preparation and scheduled to be updated in early 2020. 

Meanwhile, Chart 21 below displays the total number of quotations over 1930-1989 recorded in OED Online (searched December 2018) in comparison with the equivalent totals for OED2, the latter data deriving from searches of the OED2 database before it was removed from public consultation in 2010. As always, users of OED Online must remember that this version of the Dictionary combines revised entries with unrevised entries; care should be taken in making inferences from the results.

Chart 21: Total quotations in OED2 & OED Online (Dec 2018) 1930-1989

The OED2 line stops at 1989, with the collection of quotations thereafter deriving from the three volumes of Additions published in the 1990s and (much more significantly) the entirely new Third Edition published online from 2000 onwards. For explanation of these latter stages of the Dictionary see pages under OED editions.

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