1930-1989 in OED2 (coming soon)

This page is in preparation, due to be completed in early 2020.

Meanwhile, Chart 20 below displays quotations in OED2 from 1930 to 1989, when the second edition of OED was published. These quotations were collected in three main phases: for the 1933 Supplement (over the 1920s or earlier up to 1933), for the 1972-86 Supplement (principally from the late 1950s), and for OED2 itself, which contained c 5,000 new quotations not previously published. Elucidation of these phases can be found at Which edition contains what.

While you’re waiting you may like to read our earlier account of this period in OED, published in 2007, on our Archived site: see Period coverage: 20th century. A fuller account can be found in Brewer 2007b.

Chart 20: Total quotations in OED1/2 1930-1989

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