Fe/male sources

The updated version of these pages is in preparation; meanwhile, a preliminary note and charts can be seen at Top female sources. The treatment of 18c female writers in OED is investigated in our 18c Leverhulme study pages under Topics, while 1150-1499 in OED3 discusses the representation of Margery Kempe and Julian of Norwich. Summary remarks on Burney’s documentation and the low citation of female sources post- as well as pre-1500, in OED3 as in its predecessors, can be found in 1700-1799 in OED1/2 and in 1700-1799 in OED3. Pages on Fe/male sources written pre-2010 can be seen on our Archived site, accessible from the link at the foot of each page.

Published articles on quotations from women in the OED include Baigent et al 2005, Brewer 2009b, Brewer 2011, and Brewer 2015a (plus Appendixes), all downloadable via the EOED Library page. See also our page of initial notes on Sex and gender and the references there cited.

Last updated on 23 May 2022

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