This section of EOED contains photos of some of the editors, staff, buildings etc. associated with OED from its early stages onwards, many of them from the OED archives, which are not displayed elsewhere on the site. See the list of links at the foot of the page. We are grateful to the Secretary to the Delegates for permission to reproduce the OUP images and to all other owners as individually credited in the captions.

A few other such photos are reproduced on individual pages elsewhere on the website, principally in the Who’s who section (where you can find portraits of Burchfield, Chapman, Coleridge, Craigie, Furnivall, Roland Hall, Marghanita Laski, Murray and his family, Onions, Sisam, Skeat, and Wyllie), and also elsewhere (e.g. of quotation slips, under Individual readers).

Further images can be seen in Caught in the Web of Words (K. M. E. Murray 1977) and The Making of the OED (Gilliver 2016).

Last updated on 24 August 2019