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This page lists details of the charts and tables on EOED. All EOED charts have an interactive function which allows you to see the value of a particular point on a line by holding your cursor over it. You can also download the constitutive data for each chart by clicking on the box in the top right hand corner. This gives you various options to choose from, as shown in the image on the right.

EOED data is freely available for research purposes. We ask anyone using the data to acknowledge EOED as your source.


We have chosen a column display for most of the charts displaying the chronological distribution of OED quotations decade by decade (or century by century) on EOED, partly to match the Timelines display on OED Online (you can see the latter by clicking on the Timelines link from the front page of the OED Online website, Our charts resource Highcharts does not permit the display of values under 50 along the x axis in all column charts (i.e. those with a wide range of values), so for Charts 1, 3, 4, 5, etc, we use a line display.

See Sources of OED data for general information on the origin of the data represented in EOED charts. Further information where relevant is supplied on the respective pages below.


18th-century Leverhulme study

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